Dajys Corporate Catering

Our corporate catering events are always memorable

Organising and Hosting Events

We are here to plan and execute events to the highest standard, understanding you may have a demanding job, time constraints or a hectic schedule and struggle to find the time to plan every detail of the event.

Dajys Catering use the same approach of flexibility, reliability and individuality, whether your budget is big or small our approach is the same.

How it works

1. ​Getting started

If you're happy to go ahead and book with Dajys Catering, the fun can really start! After an initial meeting, you'll receive a timeline and plan to keep your event on track and make sure every aspect is covered.

2. The detail

Dajys Catering only work with the very best suppliers, spending the time​ it takes to methodically source and match each supplier with your personal style, taste and budget.

3. The big day

Your coordinator will be there to manage every step of your special day, from setting up the venue, coordinating suppliers, the breakdown afterwards and ensuring everything else in-between runs like clockwork.

Dajys Catering specialise in orchestrating unique experiences through breath-taking design, exceptional planning and execution. Like an artisan atelier, we create journeys that reflects your vision and essence of each of our clients. We design events where every detail works together in harmony, generating an incredible energy from start to finish